Poly Gaboona Hook


– Hook diameter: 3/4 in.
– Polycarbonate Hook
– 1 inch dia fiberglass handle
– Foam Grip

3 ft1.2 lbs
4 ft1.438 lbs
5 ft1.790 lbs
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This hook is designed for large body snakes.

Our snake hooks are made with polycarbonate hook ends joined to carbon fiber shafts with foam grips. Each hook is available in a variety of standard lengths or may be special ordered to your preference. * The joint between the hook and shaft is reinforced with epoxy and then heat shrinked. The heat shrink is to prevent any fibers sticking the animal.

Polycarbonate provides a natural warm feel for your reptile that it will react favorably to. Metal hooks are often too hot or too cold and cause discomfort for the animal, making it more difficult to control. Metal hooks are 10 – 12 degrees colder indoors than the polycarbonate hooks.

All shafts are made from strong, resilient carbon fiber (except for the Bushmaster and the Poly Gaboona, which are fiberglass) and feature soft foam grips. Carbon fiber offers an exceptional strength to weight ratio and transmits every movement of the animal to your hands, even if just tensing. With our snake hooks, you can feel what your animal is doing at all times; this translates to increased safety for both animal and handler.

All hooks are hand made in the USA.

*Custom lengths are available by special request.


Chemical Resistance to Polycarbonate Isoflurane Damage to Polycarbonate

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6.25 × 6.25 in

3ft, 4ft, 5ft


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