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"Got my shipment of hooks from you yesterday and was so excited to they them all out and I gotta say man, hands down the best hooks I've used!! The snakes react so differently and it's surprising but I can feel the snakes movements when they are at the end of the hook! All in all, I love them. Shipping was super fast and quality is unbeatable! Thank you so much. Can't wait to order more from you!"

Zain Zulfiqar

"Stoney is the man! I met him several years back at a Sanderson Snake Days event and thought he was a pretty cool dude. Well, I finally got around to ordering some of his snake hooks mostly because some of my grumpy boas had outgrown my largest hook and I wanted to test out the Poly Gaboona. I went ahead and ordered several sizes of the poly hooks. They are amazing. I never thought something a simple as a snake hook could have good examples and bad examples... I was quite wrong. I'll never use another hook not made by Stoney."

Aaron Bayer

"I just received the 60” Poly BushMaster hook. I am so happy with this hook words utterly fail me! This is exactly what I have been lacking, and will make a huge difference when it comes to working with my adult King Cobra collection while in-cage. My cages are up to 16 feet deep from front to back, and hooking them is challenging, especially when pairs are together. I love the weight-to-length ratio, and will be back for shorter versions in the near future. The thicker ½ inch hook material will be wonderful for my large rattlesnakes as well. It’s only taken me 35 years to buy a hook from another person, and you have a customer for life now. I am very appreciative of your attention to quality, excellent communication, and fast shipping. These traits are rapidly becoming the exception rather than the norm. "

Jesse Black

"A few years ago, having used Stoney's polycarbonate hooks for a awhile I had the opportunity to do an informal test. I had a litter of 8 Mottled Rock Rattlesnakes born. Since these snake were newborns, they had never been hooked. I chose to remove 4 of them with a metal hook and 4 of them with Stoney's polycarbonate hook for a comparison. The ones removed with the metal hook did not ride the hook and slid off. The ones removed with the polycarbonate hook rode the hook without sliding off. The snakes were at ambient room temperature which was 78f degrees. I have noticed snakes tend to ride the polycarbonate hooks better than the metal ones with many years of using both. "

Tim Cole

"My most reliable stump ripper was custom made from Stoney !"

Bill Rulon-Miller

"If anyone is looking for a place to get some new snake hooks Stoney McDonald is the guy to buy from! He does an absolutely amazing job at making high quality snake hooks and also has excellent customer service. (I put a couple pics of me using the large hooks on one of my timber rattlesnakes. Although the hooks are a tad large at the moment, the timbers grow pretty quick so they will work perfectly.) anyway, thanks for the hooks Mr. Stoney! They work great!"

John Mann

"Received my hook! Thank you my good sir! It's fantastic and came very quickly! It is very we'll made and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you very much!"

Torrey Stegall

"I used several of Stoney's pieces of equipment at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo and it is top notch! From juvenile crotalids to fully grown elapids, Stoney's equipment performs!"

Jayd Raines

"Excellent hooks and great customer service. I called to ask if I could get a hook shipped to me ASAP, he took my order and payment immediately and shipped it by the next morning. The hook is great; so much lighter than I expected, yet sturdy. Really happy with my purchase."

Megan Villand

"I have purchased several pieces of equipment from Stoney. His products and customer service are top notch. His stump ripper in particular is incredibly well constructed and durable. I will never go back to a standard hook."

Caleb Paul

"Stoney is awesome! His hooks are the best I've ever used and his hot sauce is bomb too! If the five star rating don't convince you try one for your self and see... you'll love it trust me!"

Adam Martinez

"I have several pieces of his equipment. The quality is top notch. I have used them under strenuous situations, and they performed great! I literally put my life in this equipment's hands when I use it. Stoney knows the best ways to design stellar equipment."

Melissa Lax

"When I first met Stoney, I had very little knowledge of animal gear. He is one of the most patient, kind, and knowledgeable people I have ever encountered. Then, after seeing his equipment and comparing it to the market standard, he engineers his equipment to the highest of quality. Jump in and make a purchase if you are in the market. You will not be disappointed."

Jonathan Montrose

"I have quite a few pieces of equipment from Stoney! Quality is outstanding. My stump ripper has to be my favorite and is always in my truck. On top of that his customer service is incredible. I'll always be a repeat customer! I hear his hot sauce is pretty good too!"

Kevin Lessard

"The lightest, most advanced and simple to maintain tongs I have ever owned. Buckets are second to none. This equipment is the real deal and will probably outlast the owner. I'm a customer for life."

Mike Applegate