About Us

Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. was started after Stoney McDonald left the company Animal Capture Equipment Inc. in December 2008. Stoney learned his trade from the late Richard Fuhrman (2011) in the 1990s and worked for him until the end of 2002. Mr. Fuhrman’s company is now gone also. The company Animal Capture Equipment Inc went out of business in 2012.

Stoney is looking to do high quality handling equipment for all animals. We are adding new equipment as quickly as possible – like the new style snake tongs that have now come out. We will end up doing all the replacement nets and new nets that fit Fuhrman Diversified nets (flex nets) and Animal Capture Equipment Inc. nets (versa nets).

Stoney is looking forward to building any and all animal equipment that you may need or require. Please feel free to contact him either by e-mail or phone as to any questions you may have. He is looking forward to working with old friends as well as new friends in the animal world.

Our Mission

The mission of Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. is to become the premier provider of animal handling and capture equipment. Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. is dedicated to zoologists, herpetologists, and professionals handling our animal friends. Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. is looking to build long-term relationships with customers through reliable quality products that are strong and light weight, create innovative new products, deliver to the customer in a timely manner and deliver unsurpassed customer service and support. Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. wants to be recognized as the leading equipment manufacturer in our industry while providing a fun, safe working environment for our employees.